What time is my balloon flight?

19 August 2022

What time is my sunrise balloon flight?

Waking up before sunrise is not most people’s idea of fun, so why do we make hot air balloon flights so early? Well, other than getting to watch beautiful sunrises, the timing your hot air ballooning adventure flight has a lot to do with the weather.

In order to capture the best and safest conditions to fly hot air balloons in, we need to be up before the sun because the cool, calm weather conditions that are usually present at dawn are most ideal for a balloon flight. In short, sunrise is the safest and most suitable time for a hot air balloon flight.

Sunrise Balloon Flight

Meeting Time Guide

So what time will you need to meet for your flight? To ensure that we have enough time to travel to the morning’s chosen launch site and prepare the balloon for flight, our flights generally meet 60 – 120 minutes before the time of sunrise. Here’s a handy guide to give you a better idea of meeting times throughout the year:

As the sunrise times varies throughout the year, so does the approximate meeting time but it is likely to fall between these times:

  • January 3:45am – 5:00am
  • February 4:15am – 5:15am
  • March 4:45am – 5:45am
  • April 5:00am – 6:00 AEDST / 4:00am – 5:00am AEDT
  • May 4:30am – 5:45am
  • June 4:45am – 6:00am
  • July 4:45am- 6:00am
  • August – 4:15am -5:45am
  • September – 3:45 am – 4:45am
  • October – 3:45am – 4:45am AEDT / 4:00 – 5:00 AEDST
  • November – 3:45am – 5:00am
  • December – 3:45am – 4:45am

On rare occasions your exact meeting time may fall outside of these times if deemed necessary by the pilots. You will be notified the day before your flight your exact meeting time.

Are there afternoon Flights?

Most locations in Australia are not conducive to afternoon balloon flights. Weather conditions are often much windier, and atmospheric instability is greater in the afternoons. An exception to that weather rule is our Burketown location in Gulf Country, QLD. From our Burketown location we are able to offer afternoon flights from June to September each year.

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Hot Air Ballooning is a weather dependent activity. The Flight Voucher option you have chosen can be rescheduled to another date in the event of a weather cancellation but is NON-REFUNDABLE in the event of weather or pilot determined cancellation, passenger cancellation or change of mind but does not exclude the purchaser from their automatic guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act, as set out in our terms and conditions. With this ticket type you cannot cancel or reschedule your flight within 72 hours of your flight time.

If you require a refundable ticket option, please take a look at our Flexi Ticket.

Hot Air Ballooning is a weather dependent activity. The Flexi Ticket option you have chosen can be rescheduled to another date in the event of a weather cancellation. This ticket option is 100% REFUNDABLE in the event of a weather or pilot determined cancellation. An admin fee may apply to any cancellations before your flight date but this ticket cannot be cancelled/rescheduled within 72 hours of your flight time.

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