Balloon Aloft's commitment to the Environment

Balloon Aloft endeavours to adhere to the Tread Lightly code of practice which is designed to minimise environmental impact. We aim to leave a site where we launch or land our balloons in the same condition as in which we found it. Passengers are also encouraged to follow the code so we leave nothing behind but our footprints.


At our Head Office and balloon storage location at Lovedale in the Hunter Valley we operate a 8.4kw solar grid system to offset the energy requirements from the Reservations office and balloon hangars.

Rainfall Harvesting

All rainfall is harvested from our office and balloon hangars into a series of tanks. Balloon Aloft is 100% reliant on rainwater.

Replanting & Regeneration

The Balloon Aloft office is located on a 50 acre property in Lovedale, Hunter Valley. Prior to Balloon Aloft taking ownership, the property was used as a vineyard and hobby farm. Over the past 10 years we have planted hundreds of native trees on the property to maintain animal corridors to the native wildlife that live in the neighbouring National Park. Native tress can store significant amounts of carbon and also contribute to the protection of soils and water quality, as well as providing habitat for threatened species. Our team have worked extensively to remove non-native plant species from our natural water courses on the property and regenerate local plant species.


Energy saving light globes have been installed throughout the office and balloon hangars

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

The Balloon Aloft team adheres to a reuse and recycling policy. We operate a digital booking process with bookings entered straight into our booking system and all confirmations sent to passengers by email or text message to vastly reduce paper consumption.
• Any paper waste is reused as scrap and then either composted or recycled when no longer of use.
• Print cartridges, computer parts and old mobile phones are recycled.
• Any food scraps from office are composted or used in our worm farm and used on the Balloon Aloft veggie garden.
• No plastic or single use glasses are used on our flights.

Sea Shepherd Ambassadors

Since 2017 Balloon Aloft team have been proudly flying the Sea Shepherd balloon both in Australia and overseas to raise awareness for the Sea Shepherd Organisation and ocean conservation. Additionally the Balloon Aloft team regularly participate in beach clean ups to keep our local waterways healthy.

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Hot Air Ballooning is a weather dependent activity. The Flight Ticket option you have chosen can be rescheduled to another date in the event of a weather cancellation but is NON-REFUNDABLE in the event of a weather cancellation or under any other circumstances. With this ticket type you cannot cancel or reschedule your flight within 72 hours of your flight time.

If you require a refundable ticket option, please take a look at our Flexi Ticket.

Hot Air Ballooning is a weather dependent activity. The Flexi Ticket option you have chosen can be rescheduled to another date in the event of a weather cancellation. This ticket option is 100% REFUNDABLE in the event of a weather or pilot determined cancellation. An admin fee may apply to any cancellations before your flight date but this ticket cannot be cancelled/rescheduled within 72 hours of your flight time.

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